Session Info

Please see the Contact page for address and directions.

I am currently available for in-person office sessions only for clients that I have seen previously. If you are interested in coming in for the first time if the office opens to new clients, please email me with your name and contact information and the kind of work in which you are interested.

I am also available for online counseling, coaching, teaching, and facilitation.

Requested fee for an office visit or online session up to one hour is $180.00.

For clients whom I have not seen for some time, there is a one-page form for you to fill out at the first visit. Please arrive a few minutes early. For a first acupuncture visit, I request that you don’t wear any makeup or fragrances. This helps me with five element constitutional diagnosis.

If you are coming for acupuncture, please avoid doing anything on the day of the visit that markedly changes your energy (like exercising way more than you are used to, having a treatment by some other energy practitioner, taking a hot bath or hot tub to the point of wilting, or drinking alcohol). This helps me to see you in a representative state and for the treatment to “settle in” and integrate during the night’s sleep.

For in-person visits, COVID precautions are observed. Please do not come into the office if you have symptoms or any high-risk exposure. Please wear a mask. I am vaccinated and boosted.